Journal of Plant Physiology report: Cibus’ RTDS™ Technology able to leverage directed nucleases to develop non-transgenic trait in flax

San Diego (April 6, 2016) — Plant Physiology has published a peer reviewed paper by Cibus scientists demonstrating that Cibus, using its patented RTDS™ (Rapid Trait Development System) technology with directed nucleases such as CRISPRs and TALENs, was able to develop a non-transgenic trait in flax. This trait, the first non-transgenic glyphosate resistance trait in a crop, was developed by precisely targeting mutations (“spelling changes”) in native gene targets. Cells with the targeted mutations were regenerated into whole plants using a completely non-transgenic process.

The paper showed that after Cibus made the targeted non-transgenic mutations, plants with Cibus’ targeted mutations were demonstrated to be glyphosate resistant. The article “Oligonucleotide-mediated genome editing provides precision and function to engineered nucleases and antibiotics in plants” is published in the April 2016 issue of Journal of Plant Physiology..

“Over the past decade, Cibus has been making technological breakthroughs in precision gene editing, advanced molecular screening, advanced breeding and crop development technologies, positioning us perfectly to contribute to these conversations. The company will continue to share its latest technological developments with the plant science community through this report as well as at upcoming industry conferences,” said Greg Gocal, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Cibus.

The paper’s authors are Noel J. Sauer, Javier Narváez-Vásquez, Jerry Mozoruk, Ryan B. Miller, Zachary J. Warburg, Melody J. Woodward, Yohannes A. Mihiret, Tracey A. Lincoln, Rosa E. Segami, Steven L. Sanders, Keith A. Walker, Peter R. Beetham, Christian R. Schöpke and Greg F.W. Gocal.

About Cibus

Cibus ( is a leading precision gene editing company with a unique, patented technology for naturally modifying cell functions. With over 300 patents and patent applications, Cibus is a technology leader in the silent revolution in the development of non-transgenic traits. Its non-transgenic technology enables it access to global multibillion-dollar markets in agriculture, specialty chemicals, and human health. Utilizing its patented RTDS™ (Rapid Trait Development System) technology, Cibus offers a disruptive alternative to previous transgenic approaches. To date, international regulatory authorities have deemed traits from Cibus’ RTDS™ technology to be indistinguishable from mutagenesis associated with normal breeding and thus have determined that these traits will be globally acceptable. Cibus has a worldwide presence, with subsidiaries in both Europe and North America, including Nucelis, its bio-industrials division, and a state of the art research and development center in San Diego, California. Cibus’ core purpose is to lead the transition to sustainable non-transgenic agricultural and industrial products and improved human health by harvesting nature’s natural diversity.