The New Ventures team is a group of co-founders, entrepreneurial operators, and investors with over 100 years of experience whose members have collaborated on various projects together in the healthcare industry.

We have repeatedly created, invested in, and exited multiple companies in therapeutics, precision medicine, diagnostics, and various high impact technology verticals.

Through our deep domain expertise and insight, we are able to translate transformational science into successful business ventures. Our experience allows us to create companies around acquired IP or invest in traditional early stage companies.


We are a team that understands the science and technology breakthroughs needed to achieve radical change and because of that our strategy is to focus on novel and unique innovations that have breakthrough potential.

We are a global firm that understands how to combine the expertise and network of our team with entrepreneurs that have visionary ideas.

The experience, deep network and approach of our team give us a proprietary edge that allows us the flexibility to:

  • Build new companies around innovations we identify
  • Partner with existing companies to accelerate growth and commercialize their innovative products/services

Our team and network are focused on helping find the optimal strategic approach and solutions for our portfolio companies.

Our Investors and General Partners have a long-term view in the success of the ventures we participate in.



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