Rory Riggs

New Ventures III
Management Team

Rory Riggs has over 20 years of experience the creation and development of many successful companies the healthcare and financial services industries. These companies include: Royalty Pharma; Fibrogen, Inc.Cibus, LLC; Sugen, Inc.; GeneNews and eReceivables. He is currently: CEO and Founder of Syntax LLC where he is applying clinical approaches to portfolio management, chairman and co-founder of Royalty Pharma, the largest investor in revenue-producing intellectual property, principally royalty interests in marketed and late-stage development biopharmaceutical product; Chairman and Co-founder of Cibus, the leader in non-transgenic (non-GMO) gene editing in agriculture. He also served as the president and director of Biomatrix Corporation (NYSE: BXM) where he launched Synvisc, an important product in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

Rory is a managing member and sits on the boards of managers of New Ventures I, LLC, New Ventures Select and New Ventures III, LLC. Rory received a BA from Middlebury College and an MBA from Columbia University.

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